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Keyhan Çevirmenlik Ltd. was established in 1997 with its head office being located in Ankara in order to offer professional translation service needed in the country and abroad. Upon request of the companies we work with, in a very short period our company established its offices in Istanbul and Bursa. Keyhan Translation Service currently has 40 permanent employees (more than 30 professional translators) and more than 80 part time translators.

All translators of Keyhan Çevirmenlik Ltd. are professional translators. Majority of them are full time Keyhan personnel and all of them have been working as professional translators at least for 10 years. All translators go through extensive evaluations made by our current specialist translator staff before admission to Our Company. Editors who are linguists always take part in all projects we undertake. We utilize all technological means so that we can reduce the time spent on translation and offer consistent translations.

Keyhan Çevirmenlik Ltd. provides translation service in all major languages and supplies the most qualified and knowledgeable specialists in their fields in order to offer all its services with high quality.

In a project, the quality of the translation depends on choosing the right translation agency. In this regard, Keyhan Çevirmenlik Ltd. provides translation service in a modern environment only with professional translators having sufficient experience and expertise.

Our Mission

Mission of Keyhan Çevirmenlik Ltd. is to continuously develop resources for global documentation requirements of its individual and corporate customer mass and provide them with translation solutions with optimal quality and cost.

The objective of Keyhan is to ensure one hundred percent customer satisfaction concerning their translation needs. Fundamental goals set for achieving this objective are the following:

– To offer high quality service beyond expectations of the customer,

– To fulfil the commitment made with respect to the duration needed for delivering the required service,

– To achieve the above two goals with the optimum cost and provide the customer with the best service.

Keyhan Translation Service keeps service delivery time at minimum for ındustries in which competition particularly depends on time and quality, thus providing competitive superiority for its clients doing business in such industries.

Keyhan Translation Service offers first-hand translation solutions to its clients in all languages and for any quantities and kinds of translations. In order to take your company to the global level, Keyhan Translation Service will adapt its steps to you and will become a unique solution partner.

We undertake to ensure this with our sense of responsibility, experience and technical knowledge.

Our Quality Objective

As Keyhan Çevirmenlik Ltd., we determined our quality objective as “100% Customer Satisfaction”.

We achieve this objective by implementing our quality policies. We continuously monitor our work performance and customer satisfaction through customer visits we make every year and thus we obtain feedback. In line with such feedback, we regularly provide improvements in our services.

Customer Satisfaction

Since we as Keyhan Translation Service adopt meeting our customers’ needs at maximum level as a principle, we consider it as a part of our business to cooperate with our customers when determining all the factors that have a role in determining the criteria to comply with in the translated text, forming the appearance and format of the translaton and producing the translation as a product.

A translation is not a good one if it doesn’t reflect the original in terms of wording, expression, style and meaning. With this understanding, we invite eneryone who needs cooperation concerning translation to work with Keyhan Çevirmenlik ve Basım Yayın Ltd. Şti.

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Keyhan Tercüme Müşteri Temsilcisi
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