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What is Notarized Translation?

Notarized translation, is the translation of your documents and official papers, which are to be submitted to public authorities, through sworn translators and interpreters expert in their field, and their subsequent notary public certification.

Notarized Translation Services

We provide notarized translation for procedures relevant to identity card, marriage certificate, adoption, naturalization, etc. We carry out all the necessary paperwork. You are merely sent the papers, via cargo. Notary public fee and translation fee are separate. All your individual and corporate transactions are performed in the frame of the confidentiality principle. You can fully rely us with regard to the protection of all your documents and data. The translator, shall make a translation suitable to the content integrity of the document.

Notary Sworn Translation Services

The notary public has to approve the certificate of oath of a sworn translator. Documents are prepared in two copies and given to a notary public. The notary public certifies the document. After the confirmation, a copy of the document is given to the person that requests the confirmation. At the same time, the translation offices are regarded as interpretation offices, and they are notarized sworn translation offices that prepare the document for translation.

Keyhan Translation Offices provide all services that you need for notarized translation. We provide service to you with extremely rigorous and regular work. Get in touch with us to utilize our translation services and benefits.

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