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As for translation of technical texts, translating the whole terminology accurately has great importance. In some cases, technical translation can literally represent the difference between life and death. This may sound a little exaggerated, but think of for example cables are wired wrongly due to a small misunderstanding in an installment manual.

Thus, for translators who will work on your document, to have sufficient expertise in your field is a must.

Specialist Translator Who Are Subject to Quality control

Technical translation should be done without any errors whether the subject is a plane, construction, agriculture or any other translation that requires expertise.

We work with more than 200 translators across the World. We thus gain access to any information that can come to mind relating to any industry. All our translators are subjected to controls to test their expertise.

We always will proceed along with you, in order to ensure that the skills and knowledge of the translators fully suit your needs. Texts are subjected to quality control during each stage of the translation process, for maximum accuracy in the translations.

Order a Technical Translation!

Please contact Keyhan Çevirmenlik, for your translation needs, and the translation of your technical documentations, software and leaflets with optimum cost.

Experience  in Technical Translation

Leading firms of various industries have relied on Keyhan Çevirmenlik for the translation of industrial documents, manuals used in international sales, support and training programs, leaflets, and instructions.

Many leading technical industry firms work with Keyhan Çevirmenlik to reflect their corporate image, messages and product to other countries, in an accurate manner. You can test us!

If you are in search of an experienced translation agency for your technical translation projects, contact us to obtain translation price offer for free.

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Keyhan Tercüme Müşteri Temsilcisi
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