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Medical and Pharmaceutics translations require an extensive specialization and they should be done only by translators who have appropriate competence.

Therefore, we assign these translations only to specialist translators who are doctors or biomedical engineers having experience in the relevant medical field and adequate language degrees.

“Safety comes first”, right?

If you cannot explain how to use a medical device or drug, hospital will not be able to comprehend the procedures that should be followed and patients will not be able to understand drug usage instructions, either.

Reliable Medical Translation

In medical sector, an absolutely accurate medical translation has as much vital importance as the quantity of anesthesia that will be administered to a patient before an operation. In cases where safety depends on comprehensible communication, good understanding of the instructions and medical device usage, an accurate medical translation (including medical device translations)has key importance in terms of not putting the patients in danger.

Take assistance of Keyhan Translation Services for your medical translation project.

Before sending your documents,  medical reports, manuals, instructions of usage for translation, find out about the Quality Assurance process that our translation office implement to offer accurate translations.

Or send your project to Keyhan Translation Service to ensure your translations to be “reliable for use” and be sure that all your content will be translated by experienced and specialist translators.

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Keyhan Tercüme Müşteri Temsilcisi
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