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To be a multi-national company is no longer only a privilege of enormous companies. Due to globalization, requirement of preparation of financial reports in several languages became obligatory for many companies.

Various information from annual reports concerning shareholders to announcents concerning financial markets may be required to be submitted in different languages.

Such documents usually should be compliant with accepted accounting standards. The fact that these standards show great difference from country to country may cause several confusions. therefore, we assign our financial translations to translators who are specialists in this filed.

Financial Translations Are At The Heart of Trade.

Money is the world’s greatest means of communication for all economic organizations. As for accurate financial translations, they are indispensable for a healthy communication.

Keyhan Translation Service is aware of the fact that your financial translations and documents must be accurate and must be understood accurately. Several prestigious financial institutions rely on our financial translation unit for accurate translation of their financial information and reports into required languages.

Experience in the Field of Financial Translation

Since its establishment, Keyhan Translation Service have successfully taken part in translation and localization projects of several important banking institutions in the financial sector.

Our services we offer in the field of Commercial Translation;

  • Rental Agreement Translation
  • Construction Agreement Translation
  • Distributorship Agreement Translation
  • Loan Agreement Translation
  • Subcontract Translation
  • Guarantee Letter Translation
  • Corporation Charter Translation
  • Dispatch Note Translation
  • Marketing Report Translation
  • Sales Report Translation
  • Executive Board Decision Translation
  • Warranty Certificate Translation
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement Translation
  • Distribution Report Translation
  • Trade Gazette Translation
  • Financial Statement Translation
  • Survey Report Translation
  • Income Statement Translation
  • License Agreement Translation
  • Administrative specifications Translation
  • Application Letter Translation
  • Rental Agreement Translation
  • Representation Agreement Translation
  • Shareholders’s Agreement Translation
  • Maritime Agreement Translation
  • Confidentiality Agreement Translation
  • Articles of Association Translation
  • General Assembly Resolution Translation
  • Activity Statement Translation
  • HR Report Translation
  • Commercial Correspondence Translation
  • Technical specifications Translation
  • Authorized Signatures List Translation
  • Balance Sheet Translation
  • Activity Report Translation
  • Production Report Translation
  • Cash Flow Statement Translation
  • Insurance Policy Translation
  • Certificate of Activity Translation
  • Tender Specifications Translation

Financial translation team of Keyhan Translation Service has had comprehensice experience thanks to great number of financial translation projects it completed over the years. We offer accurate financial translations for all sectors and in all sizes of projects owing to our experienced translators.

If you are in search of an experienced translation agency for your financial translation projects, contact us to obtain translation price offer for free.


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